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RE: How to get rid of that pesky Windows Welcome Center at FIRST boot

While reading blog comments about Welcome Center, I came across this entry on how to remove welcome center at first boot. … With a simple .reg file though, you can kill Windows Welcome Center dead on first boot — simply put the following … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

I was just looking at the Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista video.  Wow.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s nice to see people doing amazing things with Avalon/WPF.  I was particularly impressed with the great flow and visual as you select the background color … Continue reading

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Using WMIC to check for predicted disk failure (S.M.A.R.T. analysis)

I was looking at the Windows Vista Reliability and Performance Monitor and noticed that the data collector sets for System Diagnostics included a SMART disk check.  I’ve been waiting for Windows to make better use of SMART and hadn’t noticed … Continue reading

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Sabarinath Nair reviews Guided Help, Vista

(original) Sabarinath had this to say about Guided Help: Guided Help While this feature is still under beta, I believe this would be an interesting feature to have. In addition to having descriptive help files, Guided Help teaches you visually … Continue reading

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Windows boot screens though time

Long Zheng shows off the progression in the screen that is both the first thing we see and the last thing we want to spend time looking at.  …  Technorati tags: Fun, Windows

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Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Just came across this good listing of keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista and thought I‘d share them around.  Some people refuse to use the keyboard for much besides email, but I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts (and love the … Continue reading

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UI Issues – Windows DVD Maker

I was recently quite impressed by Windows DVD Maker (actually, I remain impressed – what a great program).  But I have to admit that there are a few complaints that could be leveled against it.  Funny thing is, this is … Continue reading

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