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Dilbert on virtualization

Today’s Dilbert has been going around the Virtual Machine Manager team a bit this morning. 🙂  

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Bring back the love – Mr. Advertisers; Mrs. Consumer

The Break UpUploaded by geertdesager I absolutely loved this clip talking about how traditional advertising is losing touch with today’s consumers.  It recasts the consumer/advertiser relationship as a marriage (well, a pending divorce) and is fun to watch.  I think … Continue reading

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Cell Phone projector

Projectors have been getting smaller and lighter for a while – this one really caught my eye.  A cell phone projector.  Reminds me of a (SNL?) skit where a cellphone was also a shaver, dishwasher, insulin monitor, lie detector, harmonica, … Continue reading

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Will it blend? – Extreme Blending

I know this is stupid – but I still can’t resist sharing.  What blender manufacturers do when they get bored…

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I rock at basic….

I think we all remember writing this program…   Now you can own the t-shirt!

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