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Teaching Children to program

I was playing Robozzle with my oldest and he was having a blast and loved that he was programming like Dad does.  (He did let me know he wants to be policeman though. 🙂  It’s a fun way to introduce … Continue reading

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Dilbert on virtualization

Today’s Dilbert has been going around the Virtual Machine Manager team a bit this morning. 🙂  

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Hyper-V review

The hypervisor support in Server 2008 is now out in beta and it’s great to see the product hitting the street.  Virtualization is a huge change for the industry that can do a lot for everyone from data-centers to software … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on creative capitalism

I thought this was a fascinating presentation on how to meet the needs of the poor by generating recognition and profits for corporations.  I think the approaches were interesting.

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Beginning again – and hiring

Well, fun times.  I’ve taken a position on the Virtual Machine Manager team.  I’ll be one of the lead developers working on the next version.  It’s an exciting space, with a lot of players and a lot of new technologies. … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile Live Search Speech Recognition

A wonderful thing finally happened.  The live search mobile app (in my opinion, one of the reasons to own a smartphone), now has speech recognition.  On my old Cingular 2125, it was a huge pain to type in addresses, businesses.  … Continue reading

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Foux da fa fa

For the french speakers (or not).  I’m not exactly sure what this is, but it made me laugh.  It reminds me of all the cheezy French class videos.

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