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Recruiting at BYU

Hi all – I’m at BYU for the career fair tomorrow (Wednesday).  Come on down and talk to us and bring a resume – I met a lot of you at the dinner tonight (thanks for coming) which was great fun. … Continue reading

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RE: How to get rid of that pesky Windows Welcome Center at FIRST boot

While reading blog comments about Welcome Center, I came across this entry on how to remove welcome center at first boot. … With a simple .reg file though, you can kill Windows Welcome Center dead on first boot — simply put the following … Continue reading

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Jeep Waterfall

Just discovered this jeep waterfall that’s been going around the internet.  It’s a cool idea – and making the video was a great way to generate buzz (I would never have seen it otherwise).  

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Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

I was just looking at the Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista video.  Wow.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s nice to see people doing amazing things with Avalon/WPF.  I was particularly impressed with the great flow and visual as you select the background color … Continue reading

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Bernie Klinder ♡ Guided Help

From Bernie’s review of Windows Vista’s killer features… Guided Help and Automated Diagnostics — A large number of help desk calls are for simple technical issues that aren’t difficult to resolve but are somewhat time consuming to explain to a … Continue reading

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Smile spotting – can you tell the difference?

I was taking a smile spotting survey that I found from Kathy Sierra’s blog (good reading) and I know a little bit about how to tell a fake smile from a real one (in theory) and I thought it would … Continue reading

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Using WMIC to check for predicted disk failure (S.M.A.R.T. analysis)

I was looking at the Windows Vista Reliability and Performance Monitor and noticed that the data collector sets for System Diagnostics included a SMART disk check.  I’ve been waiting for Windows to make better use of SMART and hadn’t noticed … Continue reading

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Microsoft CES website – Group Shot pictures

Here’s Microsoft’s CES website.  There’s a ton of interesting stuff on here.  The one that will probably impact me the most is Group Shot.  Not that the rest isn’t incredibly cool, it’s just that I have the groupshot problem a lot. … Continue reading

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WMI Folder – codeplex project

Well, I’ve put the WMI folder code up on codeplex.  Please remember that this code is very much pre-alpha.  I think that this will be a good way to share the code, allow others to contribute, etc.  If it works … Continue reading

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