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How to use BITS to transfer files

[original] BITS is Microsoft’s background intelligent transfer service.  It’s used to transfer files without it bothering you (roughly).  The goal is to use idle bandwidth, so it doesn’t affect that streaming radio station that you like, your video chat, etc. … Continue reading

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Sabarinath Nair reviews Guided Help, Vista

(original) Sabarinath had this to say about Guided Help: Guided Help While this feature is still under beta, I believe this would be an interesting feature to have. In addition to having descriptive help files, Guided Help teaches you visually … Continue reading

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Microsoft Junk Email Reporting Tool

This tool allows you to send in junk email so that others won’t have to read it and hopefully others similar too it won’t make it into your inbox.  It’s carefully done so that your privacy is respected (it’s not … Continue reading

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Our uninvited Christmas tree(s)

[Original post] Well, there’s a lot of story to the last couple days so I’m going to bite it off in pieces.  Here’s the story of our uninvited Christmas trees.  Backstory to follow. Here’s tree #1 – but it’s not … Continue reading

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We have power again…

Well, we got power again during the night.  The tree in the backyard is still being dismantled.  Glad to be warm. James

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Will it blend? – Extreme Blending

I know this is stupid – but I still can’t resist sharing.  What blender manufacturers do when they get bored…

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Wii Damage

The Wii is just cool – I have a lot of friends asking me if I can get them a discount on it and I have to explain to them that it’s not a Microsoft product.  But it clearly appeals … Continue reading

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