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Photo Album Publishing – Why print photos when you can print a book?

Did you know that you can print custom books now?  I can easily and cheaply create my own book with mypublisher.  It’s no quark (what most real publishers use), but it’s cheap, easy and good enough.  For what I want to … Continue reading

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Christmas Camera Shopping Technique and Recommendation

I’ve been thinking about good point and click cameras lately, and I’m a big fan of the Ricoh Caplio R4.  I’ve played with it myself, and enjoyed some great pictures of flowers from it.  But I was recently looking at a … Continue reading

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Windows boot screens though time

Long Zheng shows off the progression in the screen that is both the first thing we see and the last thing we want to spend time looking at.  …  Technorati tags: Fun, Windows

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Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Just came across this good listing of keyboard shortcuts in Windows Vista and thought I‘d share them around.  Some people refuse to use the keyboard for much besides email, but I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts (and love the … Continue reading

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Agile teams at Microsoft?

Well, I was just reading ex-MSFT guy Moishe Lettvin’s entry about how the start menu put together.  In brief, there was a lot of wasted time in meetings (my interpretation), waiting for code to arrive, thrashing due to dependencies, and not … Continue reading

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Time off

With Vista shipped, we’re taking things slow for a bit.  I’ll be turning my attention to finishing the last remaining credits of my college education.  With any luck, I can finish a class this week.    This means that I … Continue reading

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Locating the file that a function (not on the stack) was written in

This question came up in one of the internal aliases a couple days ago.  While debugging, how do I find the source for a particular function that is not on the stack?  There are a couple caveats to consider first: … Continue reading

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Screencast: Running through a few Guided Help topics

So Andrew (our PM) went through and put together a screencast of running a few Guided Help topics.  If you look carefully, he even shows off a few stupid ACW tricks. Selected Guided Help Topics

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Photosynth is LIVE!

I talked about this cool service a little while ago – it’s really cool.  From the videos, it’s really exciting.  But even more exciting is that it’s now live!  Photosynth is a great way to do internet tourism, as well … Continue reading

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Google emails a worm

Hey, Apple gets to ship worms, it’s only fitting that Google emails them.  I only wish Microsoft hadn’t done a similar thing a long time ago (but at least it was a long time ago).  How often does this happen?!?

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