Consumer Reports tests anti-spyware (poorly?)

I’m a huge fan of consumer reports.  It’s a company that I trust and, I’ll be honest, sometimes I let them do all my research for me.  When we bought a barbecue, I only looked at their rating and the price.  I’m very happy with my barbecue.  When I buy a car, I always look at their analysis.  For computer stuff?  Well, I certainly respect their work.

So when they tested anti-spyware, I didn’t even blink.  I read their article, wondered a little how they’d done the tests and read the next article.  Of course, I don’t work on anti-spyware.  Anyway, it looks like they have really stirred folks up.  Some of the criticisms leveled in this blog seem quite valid.  Of course I haven’t read a CR response yet (couldn’t find one on their site).  But there are certainly quite a few people talking about it.

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1 Response to Consumer Reports tests anti-spyware (poorly?)

  1. Unknown says:

    spyware is the  VIH of the web

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