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Google, Microsoft Online Apps Raise Security Questions – News by InformationWeek

Interesting read.  Basically, web apps just aren’t as secure yet. Sounds like just a road bump to me.  It’s interesting to me that nobody is talking about the fact that products like Google’s online office stuff have all your confidential information up there … Continue reading

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EA Video Games to Carry Ads That Change

I’ve known that it was only a matter of time.  Here it is: the ads in games will be real (and paid for, I assume). 

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Too much money!

Good problem to have, right?  Well Google has too much money (not me).

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Google CEO Schmidt Joins Apple board Interesting – looks like Apple and Google might be doing more things together in the near future.  Google’s stock is up 1% today – not sure if it’s related at all.  Wonder if there would ever be the potential … Continue reading

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Windows Live Video Search Beta

Looks like we’ve come out with an early video search.  It looks pretty rudimentary at the moment, but I like that it searches videos outside a special repository.  I thought it was kind of funny that google only searches the … Continue reading

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Wake Surfing at Idylwood Barbeque

I tried a new watersport this weekend – Wake Surfing.  I don’t get out on the water too often because of this boat deficiency that I’ve got going on, but I really enjoy it when I get the chance.  Wake … Continue reading

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The Armor of God

Colette did a presentation on the Armor of God and put together some armor for the kids in Primary to put on.  It looks like they were having fun with it – good thing she has the Helmet of Salvation … Continue reading

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