What I do at Microsoft…

Well, it looks like someone has published a picture of Windows Vista’s Beta1 Guided Help.

It’s nice to finally have the cat out of the bag.  So far everyone thinks it’s cool (and who am I to disagree).  I’m really excited to get this into everyone’s hands and really get this polished.


It’s funny – I’ve been working on this in so many different forms for years(!).  It turns out that it’s hard to design something that you should look at, while looking at something else.  Oh yeah, and the rest of it is really hard too.  🙂  After looking for and trying to knock off the rough edges for years, it’s pretty easy to forget how cool this thing is.  Until now, I’ve just had people in usability studies to remind me; soon, millions of people.  I love the impact of working at Microsoft.


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